Most Famous Interior Design Styles For Your Condo


A lot of us are redecorating in this time of pandemic. We work, rest and spend our entire day inside our comfortable abode, so it is only right to make it trendy! Here are the most famous interior designs today! We also suggested which design fits your personality the most. Continue reading to check it out!

Urban Modern

Urban interior design is best for designer condo loft types in major cities. Taking cues from its cosmopolitan environment, it has a distinctive 21st-century setting. Decorative accents (tables, pillows, chairs, mirrors) in urban decor often needs creative expression and artistry – add some elegant vintage items with geometric designs. Use this interior in your condo if you always want to feel the city vibes!


Bohemian interior design captures the adventurous and carefree lifestyle. It features vibrant colors, rich application of playful patterns especially those with purple or red tones. You should look for Moroccan, tribal-inspired and metallic accent designs for the furniture.


A balance of gentle earth or gray tone contours and playful accent colors, Scandinavian furniture are simple, function and contemporary. It has a clean and versatile aesthetic design. This interior design is perfect for condo unit owners who are minimalists.

Shabby Chic

Incorporate this interior in your condominium if you like soft and opulent decor. Shabby chic emphasizes vintage elements to complete the antique look. The furniture are distinguished by their aged appearance, with mellowed wood composition covered in sanded milk paint to manifest signs of tear and wear.

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