Simple Ways To Make Mother’s Day Special


Every year we all celebrates Mother’s Day as to recognize, honor and appreciate mothers’ roles in our lives. This year of 2020, given the COVID-19 crisis many of us are now thinking on how to celebrate it without taking the risk of going out of their homes. 

Don’t worry, we got you! Here are some simple yet special ways to treat our mothers on their big day.

  1. Cook for her

Since, some of us are stuck in this quarantine, going out to eat is out on your option but might as well induce yourself to make a special meal for her. And even if you’re not a good cook, remember, something simple is fine, after all, it’s the thought that counts. 

  1. Call Her

You can still make some things special for your mom even if not in person, so why not give her a phone call? You can also greet her through video chat. Make some time to talk with her because you have no enough reason to greet her as we have the wonders of technology that make things possible in many ways. 

  1. Watch a movie or show together

If you’re all at home together with the whole family, why not spend some of your time watching some movie or shows that you both or all love while eating some homemade popcorns with a soda on your side. 

  1. Make a homemade gift

To go out to a store and buy some gift, again, is not on the option. Go on, try some DIY or Do-It-Yourself gifts, I guess this is your time to make some big effort with the use of your creativity sense. If you were really not into creating some things, then buying a gift through online will save your day. 

  1. Write her a letter card

It sounds old-fashion, mawkishly romantic in some sense but this is one of the most special gift that some people would love to receive. Through this letter, you can express all the things that you want to say to your mom without getting embarrass at all (if you’re not that open type of person). Consider this as your space to thank her and tell her how much you love her. 

With this, together, let’s all recognize, honor, and appreciate the women who raised us, who make some sacrifices for us and they are, our mothers. 


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