MUST LOOK: Top-notch Amenities of Vista Residences


Does your condo have the right amenities?

With new condominium developments popping up in Metro, it’s no longer enough for developers to just offer buyers their own space. Sometimes, amenities can either be a deal maker o dealer breaker one. With this reason, Vista Residences Inc. is more than willing to offer the best for their potential buyers.

Here are the top amenities to look for in your condo hunting:

1. Swimming Pools

Providing you a better condo-living experience, one of the most standard amenity in a condominium is the swimming pool itself. Some people are much more willing to compromise on outdoor amenities if they are in a location that is desirable to them and suits their lifestyle in some way.

2. Fitness Center

This amenity is perfect for those who tend to live in an active and fit lifestyle. Fitness center and spa are must-have amenities that can provide convenience for those who would like to stay fit and relaxed without having to leave the confines of their home.

3. Eco-friendly Space / Garden

We all know that plants and trees provides oxygen and reduce air pollutants that maintain one’s health and well-being. For those people who live in a condo, limited space prevents them from having their own backyard. Some prospect buyers and renters consider the environment itself when searching for the perfect home, therefore, eco-friendly and energy-efficient residences top the list of amenities most people check in condominiums.

4. Lobby, Function Halls and other Common Areas

Common areas like the lobby and hallways are extensions of your living space. A wide, spacious lobby with a proper concierge and tight security are benchmarks of a great condo. Function halls allows them to host birthday parties, holiday celebrations, meetings, and other small events without having to stress about finding a suitable venue. 

5. Study Hall

An amenity for students who wants to have their own study place.  This space allows you or your children to study and do their homework without the various distractions in their bedrooms.

There are a hundred more lists of amenities you can find, and it is equally valuable to think about which amenities you must check and you must have.

Vista Residences represents your life quality by offering high standard living with these top-notch amenities.


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