Essential Tips On Buying A Pre-selling Condo Unit


When it comes to investing, it is important to be smart enough especially on buying a pre-selling condominium.  You must know that you are getting the best deal and if that one fits your lifestyle. Choosing a perfect condominium is an important decision you make on your own. Here are the essential tips on buying a pre-selling condominium that you might need to add in your list.

1. There’s nothing wrong with canvassing

Looking for the best pre-selling property demands focus. Gather all the information you got from the developers you found and take your time to compare all the options that you have there until you narrowed down your choices.

2. Location is the key

Location is one of the primary concern that condo buyers highly consider. You have two things to identify when it comes to location, if it is convenient and accessible to places like public transportation, malls or markets.

3. Ask the crucial questions

Once you have your choice, make sure that you ask the crucial questions to your developer. Feel free to discuss your expectations and some important information. Double check the layout plan, payment terms and other fees. So you will be aware on what you will be expecting once they turn over the unit to you.

4. Money matters

Investing in pre-selling condo or even in other property is like any other business venture—you have to play your game really well to maximize your profit. Make sure that you follow the market conditions.

5. Double check before signing

Discuss the contract thoroughly. Check the Total Contract Price (TCP), closing fees and the provisions for default to avoid some disagreements at the completion of the project.

When buying a pre-selling property it requires a lot of things such as canvassing, choosing the right developer, a good location, asking the right questions, study of rates and investment matters. Remember that you are getting an asset here so better choose wisely with these tips.


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