THE DON’TS: Beginners’ Guide To Condo Living


Living in a condominium, you can enjoy the modern benefits of living life to the fullest. But it’s way too different with living in a normal house because when you live in a residential complex there are certain rules and regulations for you to observe and follow.

1. DON’T Cause Any Disturbing Noise

You actually live with people in a same building so you better be responsible neighbor enough not to get away of other people’s business. Most condo units do not have sound proofing, and loud music and boisterous laughter can make their way into other people’s homes.  And also walking the pathway with so much noise is another thing and yet it is also another thing to talk loudly while passing through the hallways. So be extra mindful and ensure you aren’t disturbing others.

2. DON’T Throw Anything From The Terrace

In a condo building, we all know someone is out there on the balcony or inside the room and it is just improper to just throw something out from the terraces most especially if they’re trash. Throwing them on the terrace shows your manners as a person. Learn to be respectful both to nature and to other people as well.

3. DON’T Litter

One of the benefits of condo living is having maintenance staff pick up your trash. But it is your responsibility to sort it out.  No one wants to go up to their condo and spot trash were thrown around everywhere. It’s not a pleasant sight, plus, it can also attract unwanted animals and bacteria.

Living in a condo has the similarities with living in a traditional home. You are also part of a community. You have neighbors and you are expected to be responsible enough with common respect and courtesy not only with the shared areas and amenities but most especially with people around you.


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