10 Most Common New Year’s Resolution


Hoping to have a positive change in their life, most people usually make their own New Year’s resolutions every year. Some of them would like to have a change in their career, health and personal developments. As we get older, the simplest resolution, the better and easier to achieve. With these thought, here are the most common New Year’s Resolution for you to check out.

1. Exercise More

Well, the idea of doing this is crucial for those people who want to achieve a great body for the upcoming year. Who wouldn’t love to have a little change when it comes to your lifestyle once in a while?

2. Healthy Diet

As usual, most people include this one on their resolution list yearly. It is one of the most important way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As we get older we actually need to take a focus to our health always.

3. Quit Bad Habits

One of the most difficult thing to do is to stop the bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc. Some people struggle to keep up with this goal. But remember, nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to make a change for the better.

4. Get Organized

The first step to achieve the so called ‘peace of mind’. It also increases your productivity. Having an organized mindset is will allow you to do more of what you want and what is important.  Goal achievement, in your job and in your personal life is extremely gratifying and gives a sense of accomplishment that cannot be valued.

5. Save More Money

It is simple, saving more money allows you to enjoy greater security in your life. We get older and we need to be more practical especially in differentiating our needs and wants. And, if you have savings set aside for discretionary expenses, you may be able to take risks or try new things.

6. Try to Learn New Things/Skill/Hobby

Unfamiliar things makes us afraid to try it out a little bit but there’s nothing quite like—or as memorable as—the thrill of a new experience. You only live once in your lifetime. So make it more thrilling and interesting.

7. Live Life To The Fullest

There are lot of ways to live your life to the fullest. Life is limited so don’t waste it with useless things. Filled your life with joy, passion like every day is always a fresh new start.

8. Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones

Why? Because they are not going to be around forever. Try to make more memories with them. Our life gets busier, but it’s more important to take a pause for a while and enjoy some family time. 

9. Travel More

Traveling is the best way to get out of your comfort zone and invites you to experience life in different ways. Take yourself on a journey into the new worlds that you have never been exposed to. It creates an everlasting memories.

10. Read More

Don’t stop yourself to keep on growing mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Every good book opens up new dimensions of thoughts for the reader. It helps you to discover yourself. It helps you broaden your dimension of likes and dislikes and things that would please you.

Don’t limit yourself with the things that you wanted to do and achieve. Nothing is impossible. Believe in yourself that you can do it.


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