Quick and Easy Last Minute Christmas Treat


Looking for a last minute christmas treats? Don’t worry we got you. A simple ingredients, easy to make and you can make it in less than a day! Try these amazing treats and trust me your loved ones will thank you for this.

Chocolate Pretzel Snowman Craft

A simple wintertime craft inspired me to make these Chocolate Pretzel Snowmen. Instead of using popsicle sticks that have been painted and glued together to create my craft, I used chocolate dipped pretzels for a cute and tasty treat.

Here’s the link video:

Oreo Cookie Christmas Ornaments

These cute Oreo Cookie Christmas Ornaments are a quick and easy holiday treat! They’re so simple, even the kids can help make them. Serve them at a holiday party, or package a few and give them as edible gifts to friends, neighbors, or teachers.

Here’s the link video:

Peppermint Reindeer Bark

Chocolate bark is fun to make, plus it’s kind of a no-brainer: just melt some chocolate, spread it out, and top with anything that sounds yummy. The kids and I decided to make peppermint reindeer bark for Christmas, and it turned out pretty adorable. I’ll show you how easy it is to make in a quick video as well as share one of my favorite secrets for making sure your chocolate candies turn out perfect without resorting to adding shortening or using fake chocolate.

Here’s the link video:

Chocolate Rice Krispie Gingerbread Men Pops

Here’s the link video:

Christmas Popcorn

The Christmas popcorn has M&Ms, bits of candy cane, white chocolate and red and green drizzle all over (it’s pretty much a Peppermint version of our White Chocolate M&M Popcorn). 

Here’s a link video:

Christmas Oreo Pops

Here’s a link video:


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