New and Exciting Christmas Party Games Ideas


It’s that time of the year. The Christmas Party season everyone’s been waiting for. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without the games! Yes, the most awaited part of the program. For the past few years of people attending parties you guys might get bored with the same games.

So we prepare this new unique games for you and your family, friends or co-workers to enjoy. These Christmas party games are guaranteed to make your party very entertaining!

Christmas Minute-to-Win-it Games

Minute to Win It Games are one of the easiest type of games to play at any party. Perfect for Christmas Party Games. It works for individuals, teams, groups, and even work parties. Check the games here: https://www.playpartyplan.com/christmas-games/

Snow Man Drawing Contest

On this game it will show who are the artist among the teams. Again you need to have 2 or more teams. You also need a paper plate and a marker. Each team will have to have one on one opponent. A person must put the paper plate on the top of their head and draw a snow man without looking. The most accurate snowman drawing wins!

Guess that Emoji

To play this game you need to have list of movies and describe it using an emoji. Print out the emojis and let the people guess what movie is it. You need to have 2 or more teams to play this game. The team with the most points win.

Chicken Fight

I’m sure you’ve heard of this game. It’s very popular on korean variety show. Very easy to play with because you don’t need to have materials. To play the game you need to have 2 teams. Both the players from each team must have to angle one of their legs (it’s played jumping on one leg) and hold it tight with their hands. When the game starts the players are trying to push each other with the angled leg. The player that let go of his leg with his hand first is out. The last one standing is the winner.

Pick that Marshmallow

For this game you only need a bowl, chopsticks and mini marshmallows for each team. The first person on each team must get a mini marshmallow using a chopstick in a table across the room and walk back to your bowl. If the marshmallow fall you have to go back to the table and get a new one. -The team to have the most marshmallow inside the bowl wins.

Stand Up Game

In this game only one person will lose (the last one sitting). You need at least 5 people to play it. Everyone has to sit down. Now someone has to stand up and shout 1. But there’s no settled order. No one knows who will stand up next. But if more than one person stands up and shouts 1 they are all out and the remaining players continue the game starting with 1 again. If only one person stood up and shouted 1 he is safe. Now the next person to stand up has to shout 2 and so on. If there’s only one person sitting it automatically means that person have lost the game.

Christmas Unboxing Game

Before the  party, wrap up a a bunch of small boxes (about 5 person team playing) and inside some of those, put a small piece of paper with a picture of Santa on it. In the other boxes, put a small piece of paper with nothing on it. To play, players have to choose one present from the table and unwrap it with oven mitts on their hands. If the present has a Santa inside, they’re done. If not, they have to choose another present and continue unwrapping until they find a secret Santa. The first one to finish unboxing the gifts with santa on it wins!


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