MUST-HAVE: Essential Things Every Condominium Should Have


Living in a condominium can be challenging, the space itself might be limited but remember, you can make the most out of your condominium space no matter how large or compact it is. All you need to do is to identify and prepare the most important things that you need. Here are the list of essential things that every condominium should have.

1. Bedroom Essentials

The most comfortable place to stay is the bedroom itself. We all have this so called perfect bedroom but we’ll never achieve that without these simple and basic bedroom essentials such as the bed itself, bed sheets, pillows, and blankets.

2. Major Appliances

Appliances are necessity in every home. Essential appliances that you need to have are television, refrigerator, and washing machine, iron with ironing board, and electric fan or air conditioner.

3. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies play an essential role in our daily lives because it helps your home to stay organized and efficient.

4. Toiletries & Bathroom Needs

To keep your bathroom fresh, clean and organize is very crucial. So make sure to have it well-stocked with basic bathroom supplies.

5. Cooking & Kitchen Essentials

Having the most essential kitchen tools will make your life so much easier. In fact all you need are, the most basic tools to start cooking delicious meals. 

6. Dining Utensils

Well, obviously, dining utensils enabled us to better prepare, serve and eat food.

7. Telephone & Internet

In this modern society, some people cannot live without using their phone and Wi-Fi connection. For millenials, internet is one of their must-have.

8. Extension Cords, Adapter & Plugs

Some condominiums in the Philippines usually have limited number of electric outlets. It is essential to have extension cords and adaptors handy, especially if you have a lot of appliances to plug in.

9. Floor Covering

When buying a condo unit the first thing you would notice is the bare floor. You might want to have it tiled or carpeted. If you don’t have old carpets or not yet ready to place tiles, you can make use of mats and rugs.

10. Furniture & Indoor Plants

Living in a high-rise building, there is a need to detoxify yourself after tiring days like moving in. Green living plants is a big help in absorbing stress and providing the oxygen you need inside a condominium.

The idea of keeping a checklist of the must-haves before settling in your place should be necessary. Enjoy convenient urban living with Vista Residences. INQUIRE NOW!


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