How to decorate your condo this Christmas 2019.


Fun fact: Filipinos are known to celebrate the longest Yuletide season in the world. Christmas trees are starting to dot the Philippine streets, and the familiar Jose Marie Chan Christmas jingle is playing in most supermarkets this September. Homeowners are also starting to decorate their respective places as the festive Christmas spirit starts to seep into everyone.

Buy or trim a Christmas tree

Many consider the tree to be the most important Christmastime decoration; if you don’t do anything else, get a tree! Choose either a real tree or an artificial one. Set it up in the room where you and your family will be opening presents together on Christmas day. Decorate the tree in your personal style. 

Hang stockings

String store-bought or handmade stockings across the fireplace, over the mantle, or in another spot in the same room as the Christmas tree. Use red or green ribbon or twine to hang the stockings. Each member of the family should get his or her own stocking.

Don’t forget the mistletoe

You might be able to find a bit of fresh mistletoe in a nursery – or even in a hardwood tree in your yard or neighborhood – but you can also buy a faux mistletoe plant to hang in a doorway in your house. Hang it from a small hook in a doorway between rooms. Tie a small red ribbon over the hook to make it look more festive. And of course, encourage people to give each other a kiss if they find themselves standing beneath the mistletoe together.

Hang some lights elsewhere around the house

Hang some lights at the top borders of walls where the ceiling meets the wall. If possible and if you have enough lights to do it, strand up some lights around the room you will be presenting most of the Christmas festivities in.

Decorate the door with a Christmas wreath

Most people display them. A wreath symbolizes eternity or eternal life. Buy or make a wreath made with fresh holly or sweet-smelling evergreen to hang on your front door. A wreath will make your house look welcoming to guests, and indicate to passers-by that your home has the spirit of Christmas.


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