Christmas Party Ideas for Minimal Space


Living in a condominium definitely has its pros and cons. You can enjoy the city’s skyline view at night. You may be living at the heart of the city but the problem is having a minimal space for a party. You can only invite limited people to celebrate special occasions with you.

Don’t worry, space is not a problem when you really want to celebrate. It is not how you celebrate occasions extravagant, it is all about the happy memories you’ll create when you are with the persons you really like. It is the thought that really counts.

We have looked for some ideas on how to celebrate your Christmas at your condo.

Christmas Movie Marathon

A superb party isn’t always one with a lot of physical activities. Having your family of friends come over to your place to watch movies is a great idea. You can watch numerous movies while waiting for the clock to strike 12 midnight for the Noche Buena. You can also think of some creative mind games while watching the movie.

Here’s a link of some recommended movies to watch at your condo https://vridigital.com/2019/10/21/recommended-movies-to-watch-at-your-condo-home/

Christmas Karaoke Night

Another great party idea is to have a Christmas karaoke night. We all know that Filipinos really love music, especially singing. When we say karaoke night, this means singing all night long while waiting for Christmas day to come. This will make you and your friends awake all night.

But make sure that you’ll going to let your neighbors know that you will have that certain celebration.

Exchanging Gifts

As Jose Marie Chan’s song goes “Wherever there are people
Giving gifts exchanging cards. I believe that Christmas is truly in their hearts”. This sum up that exchanging gifts among friends and relatives has been our ongoing tradition specially in this season. This will never grows old. We really love to see someone smiling while opening the gifts we have prepared for them. This makes our day more special, by making someone happy.

Fireworks Viewing Party

If your condo has a really nice view of the city skyline, invite some of your love ones for an awesome Christmas fireworks viewing. In the Philippines, most shopping centers or some companies would usually have a fireworks display during Christmas and New Year, so make good use of your balcony and enjoy the evening fireworks show while sipping your champagne!

Christmas Pajama Party

If you and your friends really love to have a sleep over in your condo, this will be the perfect idea to celebrate Christmas with them. Pajama party is the best way to catch up with your friends. Stay awake while exchanging and reminiscing moments. You can also think of some games that will make your pajama party worth remembering.

Christmas Night Swimming

Condo do really has a small space but, condominiums offer you high end amenities that you can enjoy. One of these amenities is Swimming pool. You can celebrate your Christmas eve through night swimming. You will not travel far just to look for a place to have your night swimming. Just few steps away from your unit, you can now enjoy your night swimming with your love ones.

Above are some suggestions you can do in your condo this coming Christmas. We hope it helps!

Have a great Holiday ahead!


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