5 Common Signs That You Are Indeed A Certified Homebody


Being a homebody sometimes you are tend to be labeled as boring and anti-social. Well basically they are the ones who enjoys the simple pleasures of being at home. They would rather stay at home, watch movies and eat ice cream without going out. Homebodies are actually the ones that always in their comfort zone physically, mentally, and socially.

Are you one of them? Here are the list of common sign that you are indeed a member of the homebody club.

1. You love to spend your days alone

It sound like you are being an introvert or even an anti-social type of person. But don’t worry, make it as an advantage or a simple way to take control of yourself physically and emotionally.

2. You don’t want to go out for movies because you can watch them alone at home

Another sign that being a homebody, you are not the type of person who is excited to rush out to the movie theaters just to watch and entertain yourself because there are a lot of online platforms or applications where you can watch them at home.

3. You welcome bad weather because it gives you another reason to stay at home.

Who wouldn’t love cold weather, hot coffee and more pillows beside you? It’s not dangerous to stay under the blanket. It puts a big smile on your face because you have another reason why you should stay at home.

4. You are not that affected when someone cancels their plan to go out with you

Homebodies’ most favorite place to hang-out is, of course, AT HOME! They are not usually bothered when someone has to cancel their plans with them. They rejoice with that.  

5. You do have a lot of excuses just to avoid going out

As you get a little bit excited when someone has to cancel their plans with you, just to avoid going out, you, yourself is also a pro at putting off hanging out with someone. Admit it! You’ve got a bunch on hand at any moment, and are constantly coming up with new set of excuses.

Your home is where your heart is because it is where you can comfortably be yourself. How many of these signs did you relate to? It’s no wonder that you’re such a homebody.

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