Reasons to Celebrate Holidays in Manila


Its not a drill. Christmas is coming quickly like everyone’s praying!

The Season of Giving is finally arriving at any moment. We cannot deny that we will busy as we prepare for the upcoming event. Decoration in our home, thinking what foods to prepare, who to invite and where to celebrate this once a year celebration.

Been wondering why people chose to celebrate Christmas in Manila despite the traffic jam and busy roads?

Here are some of the reasons why.

Shopping Malls

Metro Manila is a known as shopping haven. There are lots of people traveling from far places to visit Manila just to have a shopping spree. Famous shopping centers explode with people tracking the last gift on their Christmas list.

Things can get hype in shopping at these places with the holiday crowd. But if you tough it out, you can be sure that you can find the cheapest but perfect gift for everyone on your list.

A Lot of Places to Visit

Photo by: Gamintraveler

Metro Manila is a gateway to all the famous places to visit during holidays. It is where the main transportation can be found. There are also numerous destination inside it. You can travel everywhere in a cheapest amount. Experience riding jeepneys or buses towards the target place.

Colorful Lanterns

As the traditional Filipino symbol of Christmas, the lantern or Parol is quite popular. You can see them everywhere: on street lamps, against building walls, in house’s windows, etc. These come with different colors and designs. Big or small, Filipinos will never forget lanterns during this special holiday.

Gigantic Christmas Trees

Photo by: Atlascorp.org

We, Filipinos are known for being creative. We can make any simple things into something elegant. We do really love decorations and thus, really love Christmas.

We make colorful and gigantic Christmas tree everywhere. From a very common Christmas tree to biggest and tallest trees with a lot of decoration, sometimes made from recycled materials. These Christmas trees also captures the eyes of some tourist.

Fireworks Display

Filipinos celebrate the end of the year and the start of a new one by setting off a lot of colorful fireworks!

Different kinds of fireworks and fire crackers are lighted on the end of the year. Everyone have their own ways on how to do welcome the year.

But if you’re not the type of person to light fireworks, you can still watch the aerial firework display anywhere in the major cities of Metro Manila. After all, it’s always a great way to end the year with a great bang!

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