DO IT YOURSELF: Small Changes, Big Impact


Does your home-style has been the same for far too long? Maybe you need to make a little bit of changes to give yourself a fresh start. Changing interior doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of money. Not all interior design changes have to be fully remodel. Sometimes, you just need few small addition that make a huge impact to your home.

Let us share the best tips on which small design changes make a big difference.

  • Decoration Pieces

When you are looking for small design elements that have big impact, one of the most common for you to consider are decor pieces. In choosing for a good decor pieces, make sure to include lots of variety – shape, size and color.

  • Re-evaluate Lightning

Well there are four distinct types of lightning you can use into your home space.

1. Natural – The light that comes into your home from outside (doors and windows)
2. Ambient- Illuminates the entire room, usually from an overhead source.
3. Accent- Light source that highlights a particular feature of the room.
4. Task- Lighting used for a specific purpose (e.g desk lamps or reading lights)

  • Throw pillows and blankets

These might be small but helps to add visual interest in many ways, including color, pattern and texture. In choosing the perfect pillows and blankets, you should always consider your accents color or choose the boldest or the most eye-catching shade. Remember, any prints or patterns you choose should also matched nicely in your home interior to make it look better and organized.

  • Plants or flowers

A plant can add pop of color and visual interest into the space while almost functioning as a neutral. These natural elements add to the design without drawing attention from your other decor pieces.

  • Do it yourself, do your best

Placing items to the space aren’t as important as how you display them. Do your best to lay out your items in groupings, and make sure to vary the pieces in terms of their direction, size and color. You can also look for some design inspiration as your reference.

Changing the appearance of your house or condo can attract change and bring energy to your life. And these small changes might be a big help in order for you to achieve that.

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