Best Place to visit in Cebu


There are many great destinations in Cebu and each of them has their own unique features. It is believed that Cebu is very rich with natural resources which makes the island a prime destination both for tourism and business purposes. Cebu composes of a number of islands that has many beautiful and exciting adventures.

Here are some Places in Cebu that you shouldn’t miss:

Magellan’s Cross

King of Spain Charles 1 chose navigator Ferdinand Magellan to look for the “Spice Islands”. In doing so, Magellan was able to cross the globe and eventually landed in the Philippines in 1521. Specifically, he made his step in Cebu on March 15, 1521.

Magellan presented Christianity to Cebuanos, and most of them embraced the religion. In this site is where Magellan planted the Cross (which symbolizes Christianity) on April 21, 1521. An encasement protects the original Magellan’s cross.

Simala Church    

The design is inspired from European cathedrals. Not only is the place magnificent in structure, but this also reveals a culture that is deeply seated among Cebuanos – the essence of Roman Catholicism. 

Monks who are devoted to the Virgin Mary reside in this church. Believers frequent the huge statue of the Virgin Mary since many consider it miraculous. Also, the multitude of Marys  dressed in various cultural themes interests visitors.

Tumalog Falls

Few kilometers away from the whale shark attraction is the Tumalog Falls. It is also situated in the municipality of Oslob. Locals call this body of water, the “Toslob Falls” or “Mag-ambak Falls”.

Tumalog Falls is a curtain like waterfalls that covers the entire cliff with cool and clear water. Moss embraces the rocks of the cliff which filters the water and gives a curtain effect. It is one-of-a-kind and definitely stunning.

Oslob Whale Sharks

On the other side of the island is where you can experience swimming with the Oslob Whale Sharks, locally known as the “Tuki”.

Local fishermen would interact with the whale sharks by feeding them…until large number of tourists began to arrive in Oslob to see the whale sharks being fed. As a result, these tourists snorkel or dive with the whale sharks.

Osmeña Peak

Going south, you could climb the Osmeña Peak of Cebu in Mantalongon, Dalaguete (pronounced “Dalaget”). Standing at 1,013 meters above sea level, Osmeña Peak is the highest point in the entire island.  Lime stones that have sharp protruding peaks which are perfect for taking pictures make up these hills. 

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