Top Pasalubong You Want To Bring Back From Baguio


Do you like travelling? If you do, then one of the best things about travelling is buying “Pasalubong”. Each town and provinces in the Philippines offers local delights and delicacies.

Here are some of the popular specialties pasalubong’s you can bring back from Baguio:

You can’t leave Baguio without some fresh vegetables. It is the best place to buy freshly harvested vegetables. Compared with the prices of vegetables sold in markets in Manila, the ones that you can buy in Baguio are more budget friendly.

The next best thing to buy are strawberries or strawberry jam. It is one of the staples you need to bring back from Baguio. They are now offering Strawberry Wine too. Strawberries however are a seasonal fruit and are abundant and cheap during the months of November to March. Outside this season, they may be a little bit pricey to get.

Sounds a bit strange but trust me it taste yummy. Sundot kulangot is actually a dessert made from coconut milk, glutinous rice, and brown sugar. It literally translated in English as “Picked Booger”. Definitely a great snack, it is the smallest known traditional packaging of kalamay. It is sold in bundles and several of these kalamay balls are nestled inside split bamboo and tied with a string. The only way to eat them would be to use your finger or a small spoon.

If you’re a sweet tooth and prefer cookies that give you a fuller bite, try the chocolate crinkles. Crinkles are widely available at the public market in Baguio.

Lengua de Gato is also one of the staples in Baguio. It literally means “cat’s tongue” in Spanish, and since these cookies are shaped like a cat’s tongue. They are simple yet delicious butter cookies which are always available and in abundance at Baguio’s public markets. Lengua de Gato, as good as they taste, are very brittle, unless you prefer them smaller.

One of the things people will always look for when in Baguio is Baguio Country Club’s raisin bread. You can buy them inside the SM Baguio.

One of the best pasalubong is definitely Ube Jam. Every tourist always visits the Good Shepherd Mountain Maid complex because of their delicious and popular ube jam. No one in Baguio makes ube jam like the trainees of Mountain Maid.

Good Shepherd is known for selling different kind of yummy treats. Their bestsellers comprise of the peanut brittle, strawberry jam, Alfajor cookies (with caramel filling) and the Snow Balls – a treat that looks like a cookie covered in confectioners’ sugar that softly crumbles when you dunk it in your mouth.

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