Recommended Movies To Watch At Your Condo/Home


Each and everyone of us loves to watch especially whenever we are bored. These are some recommended movies to watch even you are at condo or home.

If you are a happy person, I suggest to watch these following movies:

3 Idiots

3 idiot is an indian movie. It symbolizes college life wherein we struggle a lot. There are challenges that we think we cannot make it but in the end we have successfully been through with it. Three students have realized the social pressure under Indian education syatem. This movie will make you realize the saying “No Pain, No Gain”.

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Identity Thief

This movie is about the woman named Diana, who stole the identity of the man, Sandy Patterson. She uses his credit card to buy all the stuff she wants

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If you are a person who wants sci-fi, then you should watch this.

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

This movie is about 4 high school students who played Jumanji and chose their character/avatar. Little did they know that they have to finish the game and must survive to return to the real world. Let’s wait for Jumanji 3: The Next Level that will be released in December 2019!

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Nanny McPhee

One of the best movies for kids, young adult and adults as well. This movie shows respect to each other. Mr. Cedric Brown is looking for a nanny for his seven naughty and disobedient children since he has lost his wife. All nannies have to run away because of the stubborn children but suddenly Nanny McPhee changes everything using her magical powers.

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If you are into horror or thriller movies

Dead Silence

Dead silence is a horror movie. If want to survive you must not scream. Mary Shaw is a ventriloquist whose eerie presence still looms over the town.

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IT is about a clown (Pennywise) in the sewer who is a murderous, bloodthirsty monster. Georgie was playing a paper sailboat until it was carried away into the sewer and he was trying to retrieve it until the Pennywise who disguises as a clown came.

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If you are into action movies

Léon: The Professional

Mathilda, a 12 year old girl who lives with her dysfunctional family. She’s already know the dark side of the life. His father whose a drug addict while her mother neglects her. She’s also beaten by her sister but she loves and very protective of her 4 year old brother. Until the tragedy came, her entire family was killed by drug kingpin (Stanfield) because of something that her father did. Mathilda asked Leon for help and revenge.

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Bryan Mills is a former government operative. His daughter, Kim, was abducted by the sex slavers after she and her friend arrived in Paris for vacation. He rescued her daughter with his skills that he learned in black ops.

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If you want romantic movies

The Space Between Us

Gardner Elliot is the first human who was born on Mars. He became friends with Tulsa, a girl from Earth. Gardner went on earth to meet Tulsa in person. he enjoyed staying that he doesn’t want to go back to Mars but his organs cannot withstand the atmosphere.

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Me Before You

Lou looked for a job to help her family financially that’s why he became a maid and caregiver of Will. Will became paralyzed because of the accident. Lou made WIll to realize that life is important to everyone until they hearts changed and fell in love with each other.

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