Reasons Why Owning a Condo is Better than Renting


Are you searching for a new home? Are you torn between buying or renting? Are you looking for the reason why buying condo is better than renting one.

Buying or renting a condo is one of the tough decision, but buying a condo offer some advantages that rentals don’t. Look closely to your neighborhood, you may find that buying a condo is a wiser and a lot more rewarding decision you could make.

There is just three (3) reasons why owning a condo is better than renting one.

  1. Rents continue to rise across the country. Buying a condo with a fixed price freezes housing costs somewhat,
  2. Owning a condo typically increases wealth impressively with “forced savings”,
  3. Owners often take advantage of tax breaks that renters don’t get

Why Renting is more expensive than buying a Condo?

Renting maybe offers us flexibility. You can come and go easily. But the median rent is increases really fast. It may be affordable but try to look at the bigger picture, you’ve been paying a rent the whole time but it

According to Michael Hills with Atlas Real Estate Group, renting is throwing money away.

“Each rental payment lines the pockets of your landlord,” Hills says. “Why not make your money work for you? Buying establishes ownership and builds credit. Each mortgage payment you make reduces your debt, too.”

Having a fixed monthly mortgage payment also lessen your worries about rising the rental rates monthly.

“Rental rates keep going up. Buying is a way to lock in some portion of housing costs for the long term,” says Harris.

Why rent when you can buy your own condominium.

Look closely, you might think that buying a condo is a lot more expensive than renting, think twice, owning one might be a great move someday.

Vista Residences offers you a lot of options if you are looking for a condo to have. There’s a lot of projects to choose.

If you are a student and looking for a place to live and is searching for a place where you can put yourself at ease, we offer you our University Series. These projects are located nearby prestigious and well known university here in the country.

Our University Series is consist of : Hawthorne Heights in Katipunan, Morrison Heights in Espana and Plumeria Heights and Atwood Heights along Taft.

If you are a working individual and looking for a place near your work area ,we can provide you a condo neighboring your work place. Our PRIME Series is located within the part of some famous business area in the Philippines.

Our Prime Series includes : Sky Arts in Manila, Spectrum in Ortigas, and Encore in Quezon City.

Vista Residences develops top-tier leisure condominium properties in the country’s most scenic and exquisite locales, and offering hotel amenities and services. Its projects are also located in the most accessible and attractive locations in Metro Manila and in key tourist destinations, near main transportation hubs and right across premier colleges and universities. 

So, what are you still waiting for? Send your inquiries at http://www.vridigital.com and get quoted immediately! Own a condo and live the luxurious life you’ve been dreaming right away.


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