Different ways to make your money work for you through passive income investments.


“Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second source” – Warren Buffett

Buying a real estate property in the Philippines is on the top of mind in terms of passive income. With the growing number of real estate developers, owning a property has never been this easy.

Vista Residences, for instance, offers different condominium portfolio which targets different sets of target market. One of the best segment they are offering is their University Series in which targets the growing student population in different parts of Metro Manila. Living near schools really catch the eye of the investors as well as the students in the area.

Its Resort Series is also one of the best pick since it is located in some of the country’s top tourist destinations like Baguio City and Cebu City.

Banks and financial institutions offer plenty of choices where passive income could be drawn. These are low-risk, near-cash instruments with shorter holding periods. These choices are better picks that bank savings deposits for those who want to park their money temporarily.

Investing in government securities such as retail treasury bonds are usually less riskier and are regular flow of passive income. It is available to small investors who can shell out from Php5,000 up to integral multiples of the same amount.

Another potential source of passive income is investing in shares of companies listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. With the right choice of stocks to invest in, the return on investment could be grater than those of bonds and banks’ financial instruments.

If you’re looking for the right passive income, you should try to invest with Vista Residences University Series. This condominium segment primarily serves as a good investment for rental income since it is strategically located near the cluster of universities in Metro Manila.

If you’re ready to invest in real estate properties, visit our product portfolio and get to know more which condominium suits you.


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