Perfect Food Park for Students Near Katipunan


When you hear the question ‘‘what is the best thing here in the Philippines?’’ well some says our Beaches, and other says our Culture, But everyone says our ‘‘FOOD’’. We Filipino’s have a love affair with food. Every Filipino’s says food is Life.

Food Park is very suitable for food trip destinations of students, friends, and individuals. Eating is also the best hang out for students.

Kantorini Food Park

Who needs Greece when you’ve got a food park on the side of a major thoroughfare?People who don’t have the time or the resources for a romantic getaway to Santorini now have an equally Instagrammable option:Kantorini, a food park that is on the lovely shores of Katipunan. Integral to any travel experience is trying out the local cuisine. Kantorini boasts a wide selection of dishes that might be best described as “food park standard.” You’ve got your place that sells fancy burgers. There’s a place that sells skewers. There’s a bingsu stall. There are lots and lots of chicken wings.

Merkanto: International Street Food Hall

Merkanto is not just another food park; its concept revolves around the street food-style of several countries around the world. Merkanto is a celebration of different cuisines and flavors around the world that are far from your usual Japanese or American fill, for they want to offer something unique and authentic to each and everyone’s taste buds. 

One Fifty Maginhawa Food Park

Formerly known as ONE FIFTY FOOD PLACE, Uno Cinquenta is the same 600-sqm al fresco dining space you came to know and love. Foodies and families alike can enjoy a wide selection of dishes from comfort food to Filipino food and even milk tea. What to expect: The piggery, Wings gone wild, Balay Bagnet, Sabroso Lechon, Usok Empire, Heat stroke grill, Kuxina, G Burgers Tacos, Tea Rex, Shou Hand-Pulled Noodles.

Sagul Malingap Foodpark:

Sagul Food Park is a neighborhood food haven that just opened on Malingap street. They take pride with three words that separate them from the average: “beer. food. art.” Aside from their food stalls, they hold occasional gigs and let local artists to paint on their walls. The owners think that Sàgul is more than a food park rather, a space for rising artists to share local talent – while eating good food, of course.

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