How to Manage Stress at Home


We sometimes feel a little bit irritated and frustrated about work, school projects or sometimes, because of the people around us.

We’ve been in an era where stress is inevitable and constant. We are exposed to this at anytime of our lives. Stress occurs when we felt overloaded and struggling to adjust or reach the expectations of society toward our abilities and capabilities.

We look for places that we can unwind and relax ourselves. Some people like to travel to different places. Some finds watching the skyline at night, sun setting, the moon and the stars restful. Sometimes staring blankly at some scenery in front of us made us feel at ease. Most of us, gain calmness at home.

But at the end of the day, after the loads of works and unending deadlines to meet we return to our safe haven — our HOME.

“Home is where the heart is” they say. It is our comfort zone. This is where we breath and releases all the stress from the whole day. We can feel peace and security when we are at home. The freedom from all the workloads and paper works. It maybe small, big, fancy or modest, narrow or wide space. This is our shelter — our sanctuaries.

Home has a huge contribution on relieving our stress. I have look and sum up some tips to make your home a free-stress space.

  1. Add green plants and fresh flowers.
Studies have also proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity.

Plants inside our home remove toxins and provide us mild detoxification. Living plants inside our home adds up fresh oxygen in the air. Plants make us feel better in some ways especially in letting go our stress.

2. Lowering the lights before bed.

Dim lighting is usually associated with relaxation, and winding down after work. By dimming the lights, people become more rational, negotiate better and are therefore able to make better decisions. Gradually lowering the lights for an hour or so before bed for a sounder sleep.

3. Establish boundaries between work and home

Relaxation helps you to achieve a clear and calm mind. 

Simply leave work at work. If you need to do some work at home, setting limitation will be preserving your personal space. Set specific cut off time to prevent yourself from over working.

4. Organize your things

Being organized makes you happy and healthy! Keeping a clean and organized home can help reduce stress and give you more free time.

Cleaning up means simply having a more efficient system to keep track of your papers and appointments can help minimize stress-influenced conditions. It is in our human nature to be stressful when things are not organize or cluttered.

5. Try putting an Essential Oil

Smelling good scents can affect our daily state of mind.

It’s no secret that scents can influence our mood. It improves our mood and sets a good atmosphere for relaxation

And most of all, smile frequently. Make your life happy as you can. This will generate more positive vibes and this will lessen the stress you have everyday. And why not try to live or travel in a place where you can sit back and relax.

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