Effective ideas on how you can maximize your condo space


How do you overcome the challenge of living small space? Here’s the secret: Get creative. When you live in a small space, fitting in everything you need is difficult. So trying to fit everything in and making it look cute is an even bigger challenge. But that’s also what makes small space design so much fun. Whether you live in a studio unit condo or want to get more out of a tiny room, these small space design ideas will make it feel so much larger.

Here are the solutions that help you make the most every square foot larger:

Invest on a multi-purpose furniture

With a limited space you need to make smart decisions like buying furniture that has multiple functions like having storage space or extra services. With very limited space, it is important that you use furniture that serves more than one purpose.

Make use of your kitchen cabinets

Make your surroundings more accessible by putting away the unnecessary clutter like big racks so you can move freely and focus all your energy on preparing ingredients, cooking, washing the dishes, or what ever you need to do in the kitchen.

Keep your bathroom organize

To make your bathroom clutter free a floating shelf may be the best choice of storage for toiletries. It’s pleasing to the eyes but also serves its purpose of keeping the room neat and organized.

Settle for soft tones color

It’s best to paint you room with soft tones color because it reflects the most light. It also make it brighter as a whole, which not only allows furniture and accessories to stand out but makes the room feel more open and airy. Essentially, light colors maximize the effect created by natural light in a room, whereas dark colors absorb lights, making a space feel smaller.

Choose perfect artworks

If you’re planning on putting some artworks in your condo. Make sure to calculate the perfect width of the space in your wall. Display your art and photographs at eye level.

Add some mirrors

Mirrors can also help to make your space feel bigger and brighter. Its most like a window if its reflects light or scenery from outside. You can try hanging big or small size mirrors in your room.

Always remember, “limited space creates unlimited creativity”


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